We are a small shelter that relies on the help of our community.  Whether it is volunteering your time or just picking up an extra bag of food we greatly appretiate anything that you can do to help support your local shelter !


Here is one way you can help.
We are always in need of the following items to keep our shelter running ! 


Cat Food
Cat Litter
Fitted Sheets
Hand Sanatizer
Fitted Sheets


13 gal Trash Bags
30 gal Trash Bags
Face Cloths
Paper Towels
Bath Towels
Zip Lock Sandwich Bags


Donated items can be dropped off at the shelter during open hours or they can be left at our neighbor business; Kit 'N Kaboodle. 

Donations of items needed can also be made  by clicking on:

Sullivan County Humane Society Amazon Wish List

Amazon Wish List: 
Another way you can help is through our Sponsor A Spay Program
In an effort to combat pet overpopulation, we hold a monthly feline low-cost spay/neuter clinic. The cost is $50/female and $40/male. Rabies and distemper vaccinations, flea treatment and ear mite treatment are also available for another $5.
Unfortunately, not everyone can afford even the low costs of these clinics. Since we believe that spay/neuter is the key to end the homelessness, and subsequent suffering, of animals, we are committed to ensuring that every cat is spayed/neutered. Therefore, we never turn anyone away just because they are unable to pay the clinic prices.

Our Sponsor-A-Spay account was established to pay for the spay/neuter of cats belonging to low income families. Please help us to end pet overpopulation in our region by donating to our Sponsor-A-Spay account.

We thank you in advance for your help!

Happy 8th Birthday Ayla Royce! The cats and kittens thank you for thinking of them on your big day!
 Sept 23, 15

Thank you Ava Agan for asking your friends to give you pet supplies for your birthday!!


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